Since 1986, Slocum has offered investment advice and research to institutions.

Slocum currently serves 132 clients in the United States and Canada. We advise on an aggregate client asset base of more than $120 billion.*

Our investment research and advisory experience goes back nearly three decades. As has always been the case, and is so still today, 100% of our revenue is derived from annual retainer and project fees paid by our fund sponsor clients. Therefore, our recommended investment structures are built from a product-agnostic platform.

Our firm is not so large that we can be even slightly indifferent to any client's success.  Yet we believe we have the talent, technology, and tools to address the most complex investment situations. While we thoughtfully control our growth, we contend that our ample size maintains negotiating clout with managers and other service providers.

On a daily basis, we strive to leverage our knowledgeable staff and resources to provide you with forward-looking and innovative investment ideas. Within today's wildly unpredictable market environment, we remain vigilant, nimble, and ready to respond adroitly to fluctuating economic conditions and each of our client's evolving needs.

Let us show you how we can work together to achieve your investment goals.

*As of 9.30.15

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Some of our clients have been with us over 25 years, and over half of our clients have been with us for more than a decade. They know we are dedicated to the highest standards of service and ethical behavior in the industry. Our entire firm and its extensive resources are available to all of our clients every day.

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We provide a broad array of sophisticated services to our diverse client base. From investment policy development to asset allocation modeling, manager selection, performance measurement, compliance monitoring, fee negotiations, and client education, our goal is to integrate strategically our clients' investments with their overall mission, tolerance for risk, and financial goals.

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Roughly one-third of our staff is involved in research, which is indicative of how dedicated we are to this facet of our business. Our research directors have long histories of practical, real-world trading, securities analysis, portfolio management, and capital markets experience. Their expertise, coupled with our extensive internal and external databases, allows us to track virtually every investment management firm and product  on the market.

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